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Urinary track

The urinary system is a collective term for the organs that remove urine from our body. When they are working properly, you don’t even know about them, but as soon as one of them is affected by inflammation, you will definitely notice it.

The most common symptoms include:

  • increased need to go to the toilet
  • pain in the lower abdomen
  • burning and pain when urinating
  • visible traces of blood in the urine

The keyword is immunity because…

it’s your body’s immunity that plays a vital role. If you’re struggling with urinary tract infections, it’s time to face the problem head on.

GYNELLA Cystilab dietary supplement contains a combination of probiotics, cranberries, D-mannose, blueberry juice and Echinacea extract. All these ingredients strengthen natural immunity and significantly support the proper function of the urinary tract.

GYNELLA Cystilab
Food supplement with sweeteners for supporting the proper function of urinal tract and physiological immunity*. Unique combination of D-mannose, cranberry and probiotics.
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