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GYNELLA® Intimate Foam

188 Kč
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GYNELLA® Intimate Foam is a fine shower foam designed for washing and shaving intimate areas. The intimate foam gives the skin long-lasting freshness and protection due to its composition with aloe vera and panthenol. Lactic acid also helps to balance the natural pH of your intimate areas.


Use of GYNELLA® Intimate Foam:

  • For sensitive skin
  • For skin with a tendency to vaginal infections
  • In case of irritations of intimate parts

For everyday use.
Dermatologically tested.





  • Lactic acid helps to create an acidic environment in the vagina and thus also promotes the growth of lactobacilli.




  • It adds softness to the intimate parts and at the same time has a calming effect and thus alleviates the symptoms of irritation. Therefore it is suitable for use while shaving intimate parts.





  • Panthenol reduces skin itching, accelerates healing and improves hydration.

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