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Intimate hygiene

Intimate hygiene should be an integral part of our body care. Just as we take care of our skin or hair, we should pay extra attention to our intimate parts.

  • Do you shave your intimate parts?
  • Do you suffer from occasional discharge or itching?
  • Do you smell an unpleasant odor from time to time?

If you can relate to at least one of the points above, maybe it’s time to make intimate hygiene part of your daily routine.

Make your body feel fresh and prevent inflammation and vaginal infections..

The products of GYNELLA Intimate series contain lactic acid and have a specially adjusted pH, making it suitable for girls and women of all ages. For the little ones, we have developed a gentle washing gel suitable for girls from the age of two until their first menstruation cycle.

User ratings (261)
GYNELLA Girl Intimate Wash
Intimate Wash for everyday intimate hygiene for girls from the age of 3.
User ratings (103)
GYNELLA Intimate Foam
Intimate foam for everyday washing and shaving of intimate parts.
User ratings (323)
GYNELLA Intimate Wash
Intimate washing gel for everyday intimate hygiene.
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