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GYNELLA® Silver Caps

405 Kč
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GYNELLA® Silver Caps is medical device which is based on the patented ingredient TIAB®, used as adjuvant in treatment of bacterial, fungal and viral infections and as adjuvant in the treatment of post-partum and post-surgery lesion.

Use of GYNELLA® Silver Caps:

  • Vaginal ecosystem:
    • Vaginal discomforts (vaginitis and vaginosis), Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast infection (candida), Aerobic Vaginitis, Mixed forms
  • Cervical  Ectropium and Lesions: genetic alteration of epithelium that creates fissuring, as consequence of surgery, Post coital bleedings

Use: For best results, we recommend introducing 1 capsule every day for 7 days at bedtime, then applying one capsule per week (for 3 weeks).

TIAB® represents a new “era” for medical Silver. TIAB is an innovative complex molecular system developed by means of micro- technologies which incorporate Silver ions Ag+ combined with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2). Silver ions thanks to the covalent bound to titanium dioxide have very high antimicrobial activity.

The silver innovation TIAB® has a triple effect:


Micro Silver in ionic form fully available for antimicrobial activity. Neutralize microbes in place of the attack and protect against other microbes coming from outside.


Isolation of the site of attack by microbial species, the infection cannot spread over thanks to the protective film formed by the product


Promote the natural repairing and rejuvenating of tissues.


GYNELLA® Silver Caps is a medical device. Before use please read carefully the package leaflet.  


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