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How to prevent gynecological problems?


Regular intimate personal hygiene should be an integral part of every woman’s health care; it maintains the right balance of vaginal flora and thus provides a protective barrier against various infections and viruses.

We women, these days, are well informed about various cosmetic products; we can identify which shampoo is suitable for our type of hair. We know what lotions to select using more criteria than just types of skin these products were made for. We care about our bodies by doing sports and observing a healthy diet. All this we manage well.

Now let’s also educate ourselves in the field of intimate personal hygiene and learn about how to apply proper cosmetic products with correctly adjusted pH factor according to several principals that are essential for prevention of infections.


  • Prefer taking showers to having a bath
  • Avoid using wash cloths and sponges when washing genitals and endings of rectal and urinary tracts
  • Don’t stay long in your wet swimsuits after having a swimming
  • Always wipe yourselves from vagina towards rectum after elimination
  • Practise good hygiene after having sex
  • Limit to a minimum using of perfumed bath foams, soaps, shower gels and foams that are not meant for intimate personal hygiene


GYNELLA line of products has been especially designed for women and girls from the age 3 and up. It includes GYNELLA Intimate Wash – a washing gel designed for women’s regular intimate personal hygiene; GYNELLA Intimate Foam – a gentle shower foam for washing and shaving of intimate parts; and GYNELLA Girl Intimate Wash – a washing product for personal hygiene of girls of 3 years of age and up.

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