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ANDRYLL Silver Gel

Innovative approach to support the treatment of bacterial, yeast and viral infections and to support the healing of post-operative lesions in the area of male genitals.

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Thanks to its unique mode of action based on antimicrobial microsilver particles, it protects the tissue from infection. Thanks to its composition, it regenerates, hydrates and soothes the tissue and promotes healing.

Typical applications are:

  • Infectious diseases (viral, bacterial, yeast)
  • Red spots on the glans or foreskin
  • Chafed skin and permanently wet genital area (wrong underwear, protective clothing, sports equipment)
  • Surgery (circumcision, hydrocelectomy, varicocele)
  • Mechanical penile irritation (redness and cracks caused by sports or after sex or sedentary work)
  • Chafing and cracking after sports (e.g. cycling, field hockey and other sports)
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