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Mom’s, do you teach your little girls good personal hygiene?

In one of our blogs, we have already mentioned that it was necessary to observe good hygiene of female genitals even with newborn infants and toddlers. Diapers should be changed frequently so that the genitals would not be irritated by urine. Irritation could be also caused by poorly rinsed lingerie. Mothers should also teach their daughters proper hygiene after using a toilet from an early age. They need to stress out that it’s necessary to wipe only from the end of the urinary tract towards the rectum. But the most important is sufficient hygiene of the intimate parts. The most suitable product for that is non-perfumed soap for children. Gels for women are NOT recommended for children’s care.

The GYNELLA GIRL INTIMATE WASH gel is the right product for girls from 3 years of age and up. The gel is gentle to girls´ sensitive skin and it protects it from infections. Sage extract has a calming effect on skin and it also disinfects it. Bisabolol , one of the main components in camomile, has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects when applied on irritated skin. Alantoin works in a similar way; it protects and heals skin and mucous membranes.

The product line GYNELLA Intimate was developed by a Czech company Heaton. Our products are pH balanced and they are suitable for every age group of girls and women.

The GYNELLA Intimate Wash gel is suitable for regular intimate personal hygiene.

GYNELLA Intimate Foam is for women who like to combine washing and shaving of intimate parts.

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