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For Men

Does the infection keep coming back to you?

Does your partner suffer from recurring bacterial or yeast infections?

Then you are in the right place!

Discomfort in the intimate area is not just a women’s issue. Men can also experience symptoms in the genital area such as redness of the foreskin, red spots on the glans or white discharge. Depending on the severity, blisters may also appear. However, it also happens that the infection remains hidden in men and no visible symptoms appear. At the same time, however, one may unknowingly be the cause of recurrent infections in their partner.

Such yeast, viral or bacterial infections, if not treated, can severely interfere with sexual and daily life and lead to repeated reinfection of the partner. To avoid this and the transfer of pathogens between partners, the sexual partner should definitely be included in the treatment therapy.

The most common infectious disease is balanitis, which can occur in men of any age. It is an inflammation of the glans. In combination with inflammation of the foreskin, it is called balanopostitis. This occurs more often in men who have a narrowed foreskin (phimosis) or who are diabetic. The risk of infection can be reduced by proper hygiene and diet.

ANDRYLL Silver Gel is a medical product that offers gentle and effective care in supporting the treatment of bacterial, yeast or viral infections, making it a reliable helper for both partners.

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ANDRYLL Silver Gel
UroTiab cream-gel supports the treatment of bacterial, yeast and viral infections and the healing of post-operative lesions in the area of male genitals.
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